Precision modelling in Boat design

The Lofter CAD engine generates precise and smooth 3D surfaces starting from a small set of data, all declared and editable in a single Excel worksheet. To design hulls and appendages Lofter uses the same basic technique, simple and intuitive, with smart tools to optimize the various design steps.

The output is a comprehensive analysis of the hull geometry in upright conditions, detailed plots and high-density offset tables for third-party 3D renderers or modelers.

Design flexibility.

Point fairing for 3D surface smoothing is no longer required: Lofter generates smooth and continuous 3D surfaces automatically, ...... even in the case of complex streamlining

A new technology with a traditional approach.

The Lofter interface is designed to generate objects with the classic Boat Design technique: designing fair-looking hulls through sections, waterlines, conceptual simplicity and ..... a good mix of know-how and art.

The plus is given by Lofter's powerful automatic 3D surface modeler, which works in the background. Easy to manage and configure, able to generate smooth lines with rational surface modeling.

Quick object tuning.

The shape of the entire surface can be adjusted very quickly. A few clicks are enough to modify or optimize the object or to generate its parent series.

Reverse and parametric design.

With this innovative mode, Lofter reverses the traditional Boat Design loop: applying automatic calculation algorithms, you can change the existing surface model to achieve a “given” Area Curve, or to realize “assigned values” for the Total Mass and Longitudinal Center of Buoyancy.

Deck design (Coming soon - from the Lofter 2022 version)

Full 3D "No trim" Technology.

The deck of a boat results from the assembly of a series of objects, cockpit, deckhouse, deck equipments, etc., designed to protrude above or below it.

Working with traditional CAD systems, to mount them together it is always necessary to manually contour and cut redundant and / or hidden portions of the surface. A necessary process, but without added value.

Lofter generates the finished 3D deck surface by automatically performing most of these tasks.

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