Lofter 3D Technology

The Lofter (*) system is a 3D surface modeller, with object shape fixing by interactive programming.

Originally developed for marine applications (hulls and aerodynamic appendages), Lofter finds his natural extension in a broad range of applications, where shape continuity and surface smoothness are strongly required.

Precise and flexible 3D modelling.

Full 3D programmable Technology. The object isn’t drawn working on the eye, but it is carefully “programmed” by using an extensive library of primitives, which includes NURBS and other smart computational geometry means. The modelling process is straightforward: fast and easy.

Full Design control. A suite of interactive tools and smart algorithms allows controlling the surface shape and its curvatures during the design session.

Full Targets control. At each step the dimensional and dimensionless Design parameters are recalculated and available on line.

Innovative proprietary CAD kernel.

On the basis of cross sections, longitudinal boundary profiles and shape control functions, the Lofter algorithms describe a 3D surface with slope and curvature continuity, by means of explicit f (X,Y,Z) continuous functions Learn more….

Lofter does not render, but outputs a lattice of surface points coordinates for renderers.

This highly efficient and easy 3D CAD engine can be used as a stand-alone modeler or as a pre-processor, to compute dense grids of control points for third-party rendering, post-processing or CAE codes.

Open System to other sources.

The export of Lofter surfaces to other NURBS 3D modellers accepting inputs of surface grids by means of Excel tables is straightforward.

A Rhinoscript command is also added to copy & paste the Lofter grids to Rhinoceros (*).

The Worksheet technology makes easy and customizable the output of Offsets in tabular form.

Download the About Lofter.pdf presentation

Download the Lofter_Design.pdf gallery

(*) Lofter © is a LGXengineering product - all rights reserved

(**) Rhinoceros is a Mc Neel registered trademark (some images in this site are Lofter surfaces, handled and rendered by Rhino).