Hydrostab special features.

Setting the Stability project

The calculation of the stability of a boat in static and dynamic conditions requires the modelling of its operating modes, both in intact and damaged conditions. The main Highlights considered by Hydrostab are:

  • Data entry for surfaces geometry

  • Data diagnostics and grid optimization.

  • Resulting Lines plan and table of Offsets.

  • Surface generation of hull and deck

  • Mathematical model of boat and deck

  • Customizable loading conditions

  • Complete and intermediate flooding condition modelling

  • Centre of gravity calculation

  • GZ analysis

  • Sail plan design, Aerodynamic Forces and Centre of Effort.

  • Customizable heeling systems

  • HA analysis

  • Wave form modelling

Hydrostatics and Boat Stability.

The user can choose between different calculation strategies. It can start with simple hydrostatic calculations on the hull alone and then progressively implement its own model of heeling, flooding and stability.

  • Upright Hydrostatics.

  • Large Angle Intact and damaged Stability

  • Hydrostatics in flooding conditions

  • GZ analysis.

  • Heeling system analysis

  • Equilibrium and stability criteria.

  • ISO 12217-2 Stability and Buoyancy Assessment and Categorization.